AMG Oman company does Manage, Operate & Develop Investments on the below Industries & E-commerce.

Green & Smart Technology & Structures
we believe in our Planet & its Green Environment, therefor We deliver smart Structure & innovative technical Solutions via global key players & Top Leading Expert. We promote Exclusive Business and Services via an E-commerce platform.
Tourism & Heritage
We promote Exclusive Investment Opportunities in Tourism. We Run Businesses that Provide Unique & Luxurious experiences rich in Heritage & Culture. we develop Concepts & Moderate them with high-value return.
Logistics Services

We export locally made products to the global market. Import products based on the demand through the Omani ports. Connect GCC Market with Middle East, North East Africa and Asia market with global ports

Agriculture & Food Security

we operate in central markets supplying Local Fresh & Organic vegetables & fruits, fish, poultry & meat. We Develop & Manage Smart Mega Projects such as Aquaponic & Hydroponic Farms Empowering Local Youth to Grow & Supply Market needs.

companies in our network
companies in our network
companies in our network
companies in our network

AMG Oman 1st an Omani Digital company specialist in:

  • Investors Administration & Relation Business Service.

  • Promoting & Marketing for Exclusive Governments & Privet investment opportunities.

  • Manage, Develop, Operate & Marketing for Commercial Business & Projects

  • Participate with the leadership community in Empowering Humans, SMEs, Organizations, Governments & Privet sectors to Develop, progress & grow.

  • Exchange the knowledge and best practices among governments & business entrepreneurs so their governance complies with global standards, which will reflect positively on their growth.